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Thai Yoga at Colyton Leisure Centre

Strength. Flexibility. Calm


70 minutes

Perfect for everyone and anyone but especially those who want strengthen and stretch and find a little bit of calm during their day

Work your heart and lungs and improve your circulation 

Strengthen and stretch your muscles

Help to keep your joints healthy         

Perform a series of yoga postures in a calm and relaxed environment

Do both standing and floor based exercises 

Breath deeply and fill yourself with a little bit of inner calm

Pack a towel in case you sweat

Bring some water to keep you hydrated

Wear some comfortable loose clothing and bare feet

Key Information


Thai Yoga at LED's Colyton Leisure Centre combines the ancient practice of yoga with a focus on breathing and flow

A Yin style of Yoga, this inter-connecting flow of meditative movement, works with the breath…. accompanied by music.  A beautiful set sequence of Asanas, we can switch off our minds and allow our bodies to gentle ease into each stretch, rotation, letting go very slowly. Thai Yoga works with gravity, never static, no holding positions. Listening to our bodies, working with the breath. Eyes closed. A harmony of meditational movement.   Patience to relax...courage to go deep

Western style of sitting on chairs plus modern life patterns and stresses, has created a multitude of imbalances, misalignments and shallow breathing

Restrictions in movement acquired over the years, Thai Yoga helps release the connective tissue, reaching between each vertebrae, hips, knees, muscles and ligaments. Stretching, rotating very slowly, safely, re-balancing mis-aligned body posture. Working closely with the Chinese Meridians and Thai Sen energy lines, facia, connective tissue and Lymphatic system

The not enough time stress factor has, for many, led to the inability to connect with the para sympathetic state, needed to relax the body naturally.  A Thai Yoga class develops listening skills, embraces universal energy, replenishes chi, re-minds the body not to hold. Gentleness with no competition

With a little patience you can achieve the un-doing in a few weeks.  Whether beginner or advanced, all move together in flow. Both teacher and student have said that it is ‘like no other style’, harmonising and replenishing mind, body and chi. 

May we all be able to put on our own socks at 90 ..... 

Day Time Duration Spaces Action
Monday 18:00 75 mins 13 Book
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Customer stories

I was always sceptical about yoga thinking that I wouldn’t be bendy enough but after my first class I realised there was so much more to it! I’m encouraged to explore postures and whilst the classes can be intense the work goes deep and stays with me long after I’ve gone home