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Cardio Kick

Conditioning.  Cardio.  Agility


The perfect class for anyone who wants to put an extra kick into their exercise

Improve your cardiovascular fitness

Feel full of energy

Burn those calories

Move to a pumping soundtrack

Learn amazing kick boxing moves

High impact non-contact moves

Bring plenty of water

Wear loose comfortable clothing and trainers

Pack a towel to mop your sweaty brow

Key Information

Cardio Combat is a high-energy workout that is totally non-contact - you'll punch and kick your way to fitness and burn off those calories in every single class!

You’ll strike your way to a fitter, stronger you, improving cardio and learning new moves as you release your inner warrior. It’s a full-on hour of fitness, with a pumping soundtrack and inspiring instructor who is there every kick of the way to keep you motivated

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Customer stories

One of my favourite classes! The instructor keeps you moving, motivated and laughing throughout the whole time – one of the best ways I’ve found to keep fit – a great way to let off some steam!