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Bootcamp at Buckler's Mead Leisure Centre

Conditioning.  Challenging.  Energy


60 minutes

An incredible class for anyone and everyone who really wants to inject some fun into their fitness

Get strong and functionally fit

Strengthen your bones and muscles

Improve your cardio health, grip strength, power and endurance

High impact moves - lift, twist, carry, throw, drag, hit, push and flip

Test limits, learn new ones

Use a wide variety of unusual equipment

Watch the calories melt off

Pack a towel - you'll need it!

Bring some water to keep you hydrated

Depending upon the weather we may be indoors or out

Wear some comfortable loose clothing, grippy trainers, gym gloves or similar are advisable!

Key Information


LED's Bootcamp at Buckler's Mead Leisure Centre are training sessions that are a little different from your usual Bootcamp sessions!

Open to adults aged over 18, our class encompasses many of the disciplines used in Strongman events.  A typical session could see you flipping tyres, hitting with sledge hammers, pressing logs, pushing or dragging weighted sleds and tyres or carrying farmers walks! You can even get your name immortalised for all time on the sled of honour!

Unlike the typical gym environment where everything is set up to make things easier, modified Strongman challenges everything from your grip strength to your cardiovascular health. Our rules are to challenge yourself, test your limits within your own abilities and be a positive and motivational force for at least someone else in the group. Warning - your friends will quickly identify you as their best option in helping move house with your new found functional strength and endurance!

So why not take a look at the timetable and book your space NOW!

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Customer stories

What a brilliant class – really pushed me much further than I would have done in the gym – great variety of exercises with some bits of kit I’ve not used before – will definitely be going back!