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Conditioning.  Challenging.  Energy


An incredible class for anyone and everyone who really wants to inject some fun into their fitness

Get lean and toned

Strengthen your bones

Improve your cardio health

High impact moves

Use a wide variety of equipment

Watch the calories melt off

Pack a towel - you'll need it!

Bring some water to keep you hydrated

Wear some comfortable loose clothing and trainers


Key Information

Get military fit with LED’s Bootcamp!  A high intensity whole body workout where drills and exercises test and challenge you every jump, squat and push of the way!

Whether you’re training for an event or just want to test yourself to see what you’re made of this is the class for you

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Customer stories

What a brilliant class – really pushed me much further than I would have done in the gym – great variety of exercises with some bits of kit I’ve not used before – will definitely be going back!