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Personal Training at Axminster Leisure Centre

Motivate. Push. Test


All of LED's eight gyms offer personal training to give you that little bit extra just when you need it

Key Information

Meet Vanessa!

Hello! I’m Axminster’s Health and Fitness Team Leader and I’m a qualified Personal Trainer who has worked at the centre for over 24 years!

My interest in fitness began when I was 15 years old when I started cross country running. Over the years I’ve shown a great interest in all areas of fitness from bodybuilding, running and cycling. I also instruct Body Conditioning, Circuits, Aerobics, Zumba and BodyBalance.  

I love that I’m able to educate and motivate clients in so many different areas. I particularly enjoy working with Clients who want to achieve personal goals, improve their fitness levels and assist clients with Rehab and improving their Sporting Performance. So why not pop into the centre and have a chat about how I can help you reach your goals!


Meet Ali!

I first started training at the age of 14 in teen gym and instantly loved it, by the age of 15 I had a regular training routine focussed on a bodybuilding plan with rugby specific training to help my performance on the pitch and a scheduled nutrition plan

I started work as a fitness instructor in March 2014 and in June 2014 gained my Level 3 qualification and started personal training. Since then I have trained lots of different people ranging from teenage to elderly all with different goals. Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose fat, improve sports performance or just to feel great—I can help you achieve this!

With just one session you will learn something new and try something different. We can then agree your next steps and set challenges in order to help you keep moving forward! 

Whatever we do we will be focused on fun, learning new skills and working hard together to get you the results you want



Here are just a few reasons that you may find you need to book in with one of our awesome Personal Trainers!  

Are you seeing the results you want?

Our Personal Trainers can look at your current program and eating habits and help you see where you could make changes to get you the results you want


Do you not know where to start?

Knowing how to set up a complete exercise schedule can be overwhelming.  Our Personal Trainers will get you up and running before you know it


Are you bored with the same old workouts?

Our Personal Trainers can introduce new ways to exercise, different methods of strength and cardio training and different types of equipment you may not have even thought of before, giving you a workout to look forward to!


Do you need to be challenged and motivated?

Our Personal Trainers will be able to motivate you to push past your limits, encouraging you to lift heavier, go longer and challenge yourself – you’ll find hidden strengths you never knew you had!


Are you training for a sporting event or hobby?

Our Personal Trainers will be able to give you a detailed training program to fit your schedule, that is specific to your event, making sure you are in tip top condition on the start line


Are you too busy to fit it all in?

Our Personal Trainers can put programmes together to hit all the right bits that fit in around the busiest of schedules, leaving you with fewer excuses not to pop to the gym

Book in NOW for your FREE 30 minute consultation

We know you’ll love spending time with our Personal Trainers – but if you’re still unsure then as part of every LED Unlimited membership we offer you a FREE 30 minute Personal Training consultation so you can come and see what its all about!

Pop in or call us to book your appointment NOW!